Veterans Saluting American Unsung Heroes


If you know of someone worthy of such an honor as this, feel free to tell us about him or her.  Realize, however, all applicants are severely scrutinized before being added to this site.  We enforce this high standard because we are giving a high honor and few will qualify.  Unfortunately, also, we have found that so many of those covering up these true stories from true heroes are receiving deceitful positive press and praise in order to deceive the public into believing cover-up stories and we do not want to add to that problem by publishing fraudulent claims by those who are working against our freedoms.

Go to the main menu and look under the contact information if you would like to submit someone for review.  We need your complete contact information (full name, telephone, address, email) and a paragraph on why someone qualifies as a Champion.  If the summary sounds like it could qualify, then we will ask you for evidence to support the summary. Thank you and read on so you can see the kind of people we are looking for to salute.

Below are our links to live by:

Late Great Peter Kawaja
Veterans Against Joyce Riley


Hero Abbie Bakaric, Champion for Gulf War Veterans

Hero Pamela Gaston, Champion of Families

Hero Late Great Peter Kawaja, Champion of National Security

Hero Linda Lea Kennedy, Champion of Justice

Hero Elizabeth LaBozetta, Champion of Ethical Medical Care