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About Champion Linda Lea Kennedy  


We have learned through the years that our Champion Linda Lea Kennedy is quite an amazing, creative, and smart yet gentle and kind woman. Throughout the 1990's and into the 2000's Linda Lea Kennedy's legendary work become more known to the public, and her legendary status continued to grow.   The word began to spread into five different countries that Linda Lea Kennedy was  “The People’s Lawyer.” Linda Lea Kennedy's work hit the hearts of people globally as well as here in the U.S. Linda Lea Kennedy's excellent track record has helped her gain national and international investors and business owners who learned that she is trustworthy inspite of her nafarious opposition's deceptful and self-serving motives. Ithas been well established that the opposition is very afraid of Linda Lea Kennedy's stellar ethics, heart for people, business acumen, love for justice, and her mercy forher fellow man which caused her to risk everything she worked for in order to protect this countries businesses and people.

In the mid 1990’s-2010, Champion Linda Lea Kennedy stood up against corruption in the legal system, collected massive amounts of evidence against the Virginia State Bar and other Bars and courts in America, and presented it all to the Virginia and U.S. Supreme Courts in order to prove that the courts were protecting their system over protecting tpeople in this country.   The long version of this story can be found on Linda Lea Kennedy's site. This was a draft of her book, but not the final copy so it is a little longer and cumbersome but incredible information can be found there. A friend of the Veterans, Michael D. is hosting that site and we thank him for his dedication to truth. Some chapters from Linda Lea Kennedy's book, "HOLODECK LAW" are published online by many people around the world. Here is Linda Lea Kennedy's chapter called "Holodeck Law, Litigation Vortex"Holodeck Law, Litigation Vortex"." Another chapter called, "Triangle and Two Defense." Other writings can be found but one of our favorites is "Military Courts v. Civil Courts, What's the Difference?" (None).

These books, articles and actions our Champion Linda Lea Kennedy took to protect and education the public did not sit well with the establishment who cared more about "the perception of public trust," rather than acting as trusted public servants. They knew Linda Lea Kennedy was not someone who they could threaten or buy off in order for them to continue creating false perceptions of trust so Linda Lea Kennedy fell square into their sites for destruction as you will read about. HassellapologizedtoLindaLeaKennedy

Interestingly, years later, the head of the Virginia Supreme Court, Chief Justice Leroy Rountree Hassell (pictured as farthest judge to the right) actually apologized to Kennedy in 2010 when he was near his death bed in an attempt to be forgiven for what he and the courts did against Kennedy to try to ruin her and conceal her firm and heroic stance for justice for all.  Hassell told Kennedy he believed his long illness that became apparent shortly after he and his band of thieves did all they could to stop Kennedy's fight for justice for all, came about as his punishment for what he did to her.  Kennedy said she had forgiven he and his colleagues long ago and he was able to die in 2011 knowing that he was forgiven. We are glad that Kennedy was willing to forgive and maybe this guy is resting in peace, but when you read about Hassell from his cohorts, you will read all about how he cared for the impoverished, when in fact he did everything he could to thwart Kennedy's fight for justice for all. Forgiveness for him doesn't change what he did to stop justice in its tracks, and didn't bring Kennedy back to whole. It is our position that if he were truly sorry he should have stood up and exposed the legal monopoly he helped keep in place.

Champion Linda Lea Kennedy was able to acquire evidence through many sources including, but not limited to, close relationships to people inside the bar who also wanted to expose the corruptions in the bar.  Kennedy left no stone unturned as she dug through court and court reporter trash cans to turn up the evidence being wrongfully hidden and discarded, and through tape recordings in court, and of the Head of Ethics and lead prosecutor for the Virginia State Bar, James Mccauley and Paul Georgiadis.  Linda Lea Kennedy used this evidence to catch Jim Mccauley (second right) and Paul Georgiadis (first right) in perjury under oath where they were caught colluding in their presentation and then changing transcripts and hiring fake witnesses and using fabricated evidence in order to bring forth predetermined outcomes in court cases.    Champion Linda Lea Kennedy brought this to the attention of now convicted ex-governor of Virginia Robert McDonnell (left) who helped cover it up with his fellow minions.  (It makes your wonder what Govenor Bob McDonnell finally did to get his colleagues to turn on him and convict him of taking bribes since that is merely the very tip of the iceberg based on hard evidence Kennedy submitted to these crooks). Linda Lea Kennedy also made sure all governing officials in Virginia, the U.S. Supreme Court, the FBI and other alphabet agencies to similar results.   The FBI stated that they were aware of the problem with changed transcripts in Virginia and then proceeded to ignore it. 

Linda Lea Kennedy then "outed" several NSA/CIA/FBI undercover agents who were entrapping honest citizens in different grass-roots organizations using these methods described above in order to silence civil and peaceful opposition to their corrupt agendas. 

Hanoi Joyce Riley (second right) and Dave vonKleist (first right) were outed as grass roots frauds sent by the CIA/NSA to infiltrate and create trouble for otherwise peaceful grassroots organizations trying to hold government accountable to follow the law. Hanoi Joyce Riley was also exposed by the Late Great Peter Kawaja for trying to control his evidence and eye-witness account and lawsuit against the government. Peter Kawaja's (left) account was documented on Ted Koppel's Nightline, Frontline, and even in the Florida Sun Sentinel on several occasions until Joyce Riley changed his story and he was blacklisted from radio and TV so only her fake story was told while Kawaja's story was erased. Dave vonKleist assisted Joyce Riley, and also put out purposely crazy information on 911 in order to discredit real questions from being asked. The exposure against vonKleist got so bad that he allegedly left for Argentina although he has been sighted coming out of government buildings since that time. More on them later, but needless to say Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist are not a friend of veterans.

Champion Linda Lea Kennedy started labor unions for the downtrodden, fought to get innocent people out of jail when the evidence strongly supported their innocence, built businesses from scratch to support key, peasceful grass roots organizations at her own expense (free), represented small and medium size businesses in court against big government, assisted in peaceful, lawful grassroots endeavers, represented high-profile congressmen and senators who tried to hold the system accountable, taught seminars around the country to assist the public in organizing themselves as peaceful groups in order to hold the systems accountable, assisted in building homeless shelters for the needy and hungry, and much more.

We interviewed several of Linda Lea Kennedy's business clients with Regal Response who have each told us of some extraordinary work Linda Lea Kennedy has performed for them to make their businesses work and grow in spite of their competition or issues.  Linda Lea Kennedy is so creative and innovative in how she approaches business problems. A few were going out of business before she turned it around for them.  Linda Lea Kennedy’s work provides a nice living for the business owner and a good living and environment for their employees so everyone wins.  We are talking Linda Lea Kennedy making millions of dollars in improvements here, not just a little increase. Her investors are very loyal to Linda Lea Kennedy, and she is very protective of them since she knows there are many shysters like those she has personally run into who are not as they first appear.   

We have noticed recently that one of the people we will be exposing here as one of these government thugs has recently made claims that years ago Linda Lea Kennedy did not do a good job for them, after the evidence shows they went from making $420,000/year to $1.5 Million a year.  Even more so, Linda Lea Kennedy helped them FOR FREE, until she found out that they were identity thieves, and scamming our fellow veterans.   You will see why this group of criminals has to demonize Linda Lea Kennedy, and hopefully with the veterans backing Linda Lea Kennedy up here, they will again be reminded to lay off.  They actually ended up using a known Ponzi Schemer and a Mayor to try to hurt her and even that backfired as Linda Lea Kennedy is known to protect investors, businesses and people against these thugs who play dirty.  And her huge and grateful following won’t let her fight alone.  There really is so much more to Kennedy's evidence and service to even list here.  You will read about some of it here.  (See Hanoi Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist above).   

Why anyone would ever want to take this lady, Linad Lea Kennedy, on after all she has done is beyond me, but occasionally there are ignorant “power-moguls” who think they can screw with her without a backlash.  They have learned the hard way that they are sadly mistaken.   They are learning that for every one bogus remark they try to claim to "smear" Linda Lea Kennedy, there will be 20 truths spoken about them by her large and loyal following.   Linda Lea Kennedy has helped too many people for it to be any other way.

Champion Linda Lea Kenney really is known to many as peace loving, fun, friendly, giving and really smart person.  Her work eventually caused her to meet the Late Great Peter Kawaja who first exposed Hanoi Joyce Riley, Pamela Gaston, and even Elizabeth LaBozetta who also exposed Hanoi Joyce Riley regarding medical issues. Peter Kawaja met Kennedy (who later exposed Hanoi Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist), Labozetta, and Abbie Bakaric (who was helping Peter expose Hanoi Joyce Riley). Elizabeth Labozetta met Kennedy and Kawaja. Kennedy met Pamela Gaston (who later exposed Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist). It is funny how these people, all doing work independently on independent issues all found the same culprits were at work behind the scenes but it happened.

And it still amazing that those who oppose Champion Linda Lea Kennedy continue to try to defame, bully, and attack this lady whenever they get nervous about what she may know about them when she is not even looking into these people.  People's criminal guilt sometimes causes them to knee jerk into damage control, which of course then tells on themselves. That apparently happened recently according to other sites, in a little town, Lake Worth, Florida, where the Mayor (Mayor Pam Triolo) and a Ponzi schemer (Edward Berkhof who spells his name differently to disquise himself) were teaming up. Of course because they attacked Kennedy she had to fight back, but it was not even an issue for Kennedy to look into. Linda Lea Kennedy, we would tell you job well done. Even more telling is that these two scammers apparently teamed up with none other than Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist who have also been caught and turned into the FBI for using well over 30 fraudulent names with various birthdates, and social security numbers. Again, these apparent fraudsters all seem to know each other. Amazing this Mayor Pam Triolo is trying to get the citizens of Lake Worth to give her over 60 Million Dollars for roads. We heard she didn't get it but is still trying to find a loophole in order to force the community to fork it over in spite of her losing the vote. Go figure. See other's who believe similarly about Mayor Pam Triolo here. It is too bad Mayor Pam Triolo didn't just admit her wrong to Kennedy and everyone could have just moved on. Perhaps she will wise up in spite of herself and make things right and then we don't have to waste anymore time on her, but we doubt it. Same with these other fraudsters, but they do not learn so we will keep honoring those they have targeted whose only crime was trying to help the public.

So, Champion Linda Lea Kennedy, your work precedes you now and investors, businesses and regular hard working people know you are a Champion for them. Before and since our investigation we ourselves have either become clients or sent others around the country to Kennedy who needed assistance with their businesses with stellar results.

Over the years, Champion Linda Lea Kennedy has repeatedly proved that she will never be bullied without a fight.  Through our investigations it is clear that Linda Lea Kennedy’s entire life reflects her love for fair play and honesty in business and personally.  She has shown that she much prefers negotiation over force, but will fight when pushed, and we veterans apprecaite that. So, for all her work and for who she is as a person and professional, and what she has done for businesses, investors and the people, we veterans salute your heroics Linda Lea Kennedy.  Thank You Champion Linda Lea Kennedy!

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