Veterans Saluting American Unsung Heroes


Hello visitors!  Thank you for coming to this very important and long awaited for site.   So why did a number of veterans want this site to be posted?  Well, I was a fighter pilot in Desert Storm stationed out of Texas.  Myself and several of my compatriots have first-hand knowledge of what did and didn't happen in Texas and in Desert Storm.  Since our return from the Gulf we have seen repeated, fraudulent "spokes persons" claiming to have served in the Gulf who have not.  They have purposely mislead many to their deaths or destruction based on these false misrepresentations.  Contrary to these fraudsters, we have seen those who have tried to help the Veterans ruthlessly attacked by the fraudsters.  The real whistleblowers have repeatedly been silenced and ruthlessly attacked.  These fake veterans must not win.  We will not be silenced and in this site we honor our real whistleblowers in America; our unsung heroes; our champions!

We hope you will join us in learning their brave history, understanding what they did for us and this country, learn the significance of what they exposed, and then join us in thanking the champions!

We have had sites up before, but the sites were not just dedicated to these topics.  So this site is special and unique in how we are approaching these very important events and people in history.  We will from time to time bring over some of the comments that are relevant on our other sites that had been made in years past when relevant.  
This site is dedicated to one of the victims of the fake veterans and his late mother.  The Late Scott Siefken and the Late Ardie Siefken.  Scott joined the 1133rd Transport Company of the Army National Guard in Mason City, and later became involved with Desert Storm, leaving for Saudi in November of 1990. Scott returned from his service in Saudi in March of 1991, and the following month he was discharged. 1957-1994.  R.I.P.


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